18 Inch Hair Extensions For Your Desired Hairstyle

18 Inch Hair Extensions

There are various types of hair extensions in the market which may make it challenging for the customer to choose the best one. Besides type of hair and texture, you need to consider the length of hair extensions for your desired hairstyle.

Especially if you are new to hair extensions, you may be a bit unsure what length to go for because hair extensions come in various lengths that we measure in inches. Different hair lengths will give you different hairstyles. So, you should understand hair length chart thoroughly to have the correct choice when purchasing hair extensions.

Today, we will mention about 18 inch hair length – an armpit hair length that many women dream of.

What Are 18 Inch Hair Extensions?

18 inch hair extensions will be a great option if you want the length to reach over your mid back. The hair is approximately 45 centimeters in length that is measured your hair is in a straight form.  Your hair may look shorter than the real length if you choose curly or wavy hairstyles. Moreover, depending on your height, the hair may appear shorter or longer.

18 Inch Hair Extensions

Types of 18 Inch Hair Extensions

There are various choices for types of extensions to meet the demands of customers. Bulk hair, weft hair and hair wig are mostly bought by both wholesalers and retailers to make diverse designs for their selling products. If you don’t have much free time, consider using clip in hair extensions, tape in hair extensions or keratin hair extensions because of their convenience. You can also use lace frontal or lace closure for the most realistic look.

Hairstyles For 18 Inch Hair Extensions

  • Wavy Hair

Many people are crazy about altering the hair color. However, if you use chemicals for dyeing and styling your natural hair, the hair will prone to be damaged. Wearing hair extensions may be the best solution for this situation. 18 inch wavy hair extensions are perfect for different occasions. If you have slightly wavy hair, you can achieve this style easily.

Wavy Hair

  • Curly Hair

The curly hair can give you a voluminous and stylish look. Curly hair is a hot trend of not only the ladies but also the young girls. It means that no matter how old you are, you can rock this style at any time. With this 18 inch curly hairstyle, you only need a headband for a beautiful appearance instead of styling it.

Curly Hair

  • Straight Hair

If you want a hairstyle which is long and smooth, the best choice is straight hair. A straight hairstyle is the simplest style to maintain. This is very suitable for African American women because this hairstyle will look as natural as possible.

Straight Hair

In conclusion, if you desire a medium-length hairstyle, don’t miss out 18 inch hair length. They will make you surprised at the wonderful result. Hopefully, this article is useful for you. Thanks so much for your reading!

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