16 Inch Clip-in Hair Extensions – Amazing Hair Care Tips

Hairstyles With 16 Inch Clip In Hair

Have you ever used hair extensions to renew your hair? If yes, do you know which brand of hair extensions is the best on the market nowadays? Have you ever heard about Luxshinehair? If you are seeking for high quality and safe human hair products, take our brand into consideration. We provide many types of great extensions made from Remy human hair in different lengths. And 16 inch clip in hair extensions are all the rages among female customers who love thicker, longer and fuller look for their short hair. Now, find out the reasons why you ought to purchase this type of products of our company. In this post we also show you how to care for clip in human hair in 16 inch length. Keep on reading!

16 Inch Clip In Hair Extensions

Why Should You Buy 16 Inch Clip in Hair of Luxshinehair?

Women always wish for beautiful hair because this is regarded as a key for success. There is a famous quote: “Invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off”. Exactly! That is the reason why almost females usually spend a lot of money as well as effort in hair salons to get gorgeous hairstyles and care for their hair. However, for some reasons, many of them don’t have strong, long and thick hair to style it in different hairdos. Hair extensions are the priority choice for this problem. Understand that, Luxshinehair always wants to offer customers good hair extensions to help them get rid of all worry about hair. One of the most beloved products in recent time is 16 inch human hair extensions clip in. Below are 4 amazing reasons that make you understand why they are loved.

16 Inch Clip In Hair Of Luxshinehair

Made From 100% Remy Human Hair

Nowadays, there are many hair extensions on the market made from 2 main materials – synthetic hair and human hair. It seems that human hair is used and trusted by more women for their quality and advantages.

All extensions of Luxshinehair are made from Remy human hair, including clip-ins. As we all know, Remy hair is the highest quality of human hair. It is collected from the scalp in which the hair cuticles are kept intact as well as going in one direction. Hence, this hair has some outstanding features, compared with other types of hair.

  • Remy hair extensions are softer and smoother with less tangling, knotting or matting. Since all hair strands flow in the same direction.
  • Hair extensions made from Remy hair usually last for a longer time, even up to a year, thanks to the highest quality of hair.
  • Clip in Remy human hair extensions look exactly like your own hair. That is the reason why they are able to blend seamlessly with your hair and give you an extremely natural look.

Easy for Installation

The second reason why many girls choose 16 inch human hair clip in of Luxshinehair is that they are so easy to apply. As can be known, these extensions are created from wefts. And there are small specialized clips attached to each weft with the aim of securing the extensions on your head. Therefore, you can put in the clip-in extensions without any difficulty as well as effort. No need to use hard applying methods like sewing, gluing or bonding, the clip in hair extensions can be kept firmly on your natural hair thanks to this special clips.

Applying Clip In Hair

In addition, removing easily is also the strong point that makes this type of products become more and more popular for almost female, who are looking for a quick change. Clip-in hair doesn’t take much time of yours to be removed. You can release all of them in a few of minutes. How amazing they are!

Giving a Desired Length and Thickness

16 inch hair clip in extensions can transform short hairstyles into hair that extends past the collar bone. Thus, your short hair will become longer and thicker as you want. Now, you don’t need to worry about that your short hair is too thin or short any longer. All of them can be solved with the help of clip in human hair of Luxshinehair.

Allowing You to Create Beautiful Hairstyles

It is the fact that 16 inch Remy clip-in hair extensions of Luxshinehair are amazing products which allow you to have appealing hairstyles as fast as lightning. As mentioned above, we use 100% Remy human hair collected from Vietnamese women. Needless to say, not only is this hair smooth, soft, shiny but also strong enough for you to create different hairdos by using heat tools like straighteners, curlers, or dryers. You can treat and style them as the way you make with your own hair. Many women use these products and feel extremely satisfied with them. They said that with clip in hair extensions made from 100% human hair, they could renew your hair as well as their appearance effectively and quickly.

Hairstyles With 16 Inch Clip In Hair

Furthermore, come to Luxshinehair, you can freely express your desire and our staff will try their best to meet your demands. We offer many clip in hair extensions with numerous textures from straight, wavy to curly hair. They will give you the most gorgeous hairstyles in a blink of an eye. Is it your dream? Our 16 inch human hair extensions clip-in is also rich in colors such as blonde, brown, dark and so on. There are tons of choices for you.

How to Take Care of 16 Inch Clip in Human Hair Extensions?

With proper hair care, your clip in hair products can last for a long time. Below are some helpful tips for you to care for your extensions.

1. Detangle with Patience

It is important that you have to detangle your clip in hair after daily using. Don’t store the extension right away you pull it out of your head because this can cause some troubles for you in the next use. Remember to use a wide tooth comb that help detangle the knots or tangles with no damage to the hair and gently brush from the bottom to the top.

Detangle Clip In Hair Extensions

Furthermore, brushing the extensions regularly is necessary. If you wear them every day, make sure to brush them before and after using. Don’t pull hard because you can harm your hair extensions to some extent.

2. Don’t Wash Too Much

You don’t need to wash the clip in hair extensions daily. In fact, over-washing can make the hair become dry because the clip-in hair doesn’t get moisture from the scalp. Therefore, available moisture can be slipped out if you wash them too regularly.


Four to six weeks for each washing sounds better, depending on how many styling products you have used. But in case you want to wash them more regularly, just use a dry shampoo to avoid damaging your hair.

3. Condition the Hair

Conditioning the extensions is considered one of the essential steps when it comes to hair care. This will help moisturize the hair, adding more nourishing ingredients and making the hair healthy and shiny. A leave-in conditioner is recommended in this case. But don’t apply too many nourishing products as they can make hair look dull and limp.

4. Air Dry

Although 16 inch clip in human hair can be styled with heat tools, but too much heat can be harmful. Imagine it exactly look like your real hair, when using a lot of heat to style your hair, it can become dry and lifeless, right? It is the same with the human clip in hair. Therefore, you should put down your dryer and let your extensions air dry naturally. After each shampooing, run your fingers through the hair to get rid of all tangles and knots. If you are so busy, it is possible to use dryer at low temp.

5. Use Heat Protectors

Before you styling your hair with heat tools, it is necessary to apply heat protectors, which helps to protect the human clip in hair and lengthen its lifespan.

6. Store Them Carefully

If you want your hair extensions to last longer, don’t pull them out from your head and immediately  throw them wherever after each usage. Give the extensions a necessary love by storing them with care. There are some ways to keep your clip in hair extensions.

Store Clip In Hair Extensions

Firstly, keeping the clip-ins in a box is considered the easiest way. You can use the box that is offered with the hair or a regular shoebox.

Another way is to invest in a specialized storage bag to preserve the hair extensions. Honestly, although it is not compulsory, this storing method is recommended by many hair extensions experts. So, to keep your hair extensions beautiful and make it last longer, don’t hesitate to buy a good storage bag.

Clip In Deep Wavy Dark Brown 01

In a nutshell, we have shown you interesting information about 16 inch human hair extension clip in of Luxshinehair as well as how to care for them properly. Clip-in hair extensions are the pride of our company when always satisfying customers. So, try these hair extensions to renew your hair with numerous gorgeous hairstyles. If you want to find out more about other great human hair products of Luxshinehair, continue to follow us! Thanks for your reading!


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