12 Inch Clip In Hair Extensions – How To Apply Them Properly

12 Inch Clip In Hair Extensions

When it comes to hair extensions, clip-in is one of the most popular products on the market today. Many people find these extensions convenient and helpful because they are so easy to apply and give them gorgeous hairstyles. For those who use the clip-in hair extensions at the first time or are planning to use them, there are something that need to be known. Now, Luxshinehair will show you what 12 inch clip in hair extensions are, which the difference between human and synthetic clip in hair are and how to apply them in a proper way. Don’t let you wait anymore, let start.

12 Inch Clip In Hair Extensions

1. What Are 12 Inch Clip In Hair Extensions?

At first, it is necessary for us to discover what clip in hair is. This is a type of hair extensions including many wefts with the specialized clips attached to them. These clips are designed to make it easy for applying and keeping the extensions secure on your head. It is the fact that the clip-ins are the simplest, fastest and safest method to get longer and fuller hair.What Are Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip in hair extensions in 12 inch will give your hair the shoulder length. Thanks to that, you can have longer and thicker hair to create different and appealing hairdos as you want. If it is your dream, there is no reason for you to refuse this amazing hair product.

2. What Are The Difference Between Human And Synthetic Clip In Hair?

Nowadays, there are two main kind of hair extensions on the market – synthetic hair and human hair. So, which one is better for you? As a matter of fact, each of them has both pros and cons. Understanding more about them will help you choose the best product that fits you most.

Synthetic And Human Clip In Hair Extensions

Human Clip in Hair Extensions

As its name, these products are made from 100% human hair. That is the reason why they look exactly like your real hair and give the most natural feeling. When using human hair extensions clip in, you can style them with heat tools like straighteners, dryers, curling irons and so on. In addition, it is possible for you to bleach or dye the extensions with your favorite color. By this way, you can add some highlights, lowlights or even ombre to make your hair more interesting.

Human Clip In Hair

If you want to purchase the high-quality clip-ins, consider Luxshinehair. This is known as the best clip in hair extensions brand on the market nowadays. We always provide the great hair products that are manufactured by skillful and experienced workers. Among of them, 12 inch hair extension clip-ins are favored by a number of customers all over the world. All of products are made from 100% virgin and Remy hair.

Clip In Deep Wavy Dark Brown 01

As you know, Remy human hair is believed to be the highest grade hair. It refers to human hair collected from the scalp where the cuticles are kept intact (meaning it hasn’t been stripped by chemicals) and always going in the same direction. Therefore, it is super soft, smooth, strong and shiny as well as less prone to be tangled. 12 real human hair clip in extensions of Luxshinehair are the worth-trying products if you are looking for a fuller and longer hair without damaging your natural hair.

Synthetic Clip in Hair Extensions

What about synthetic clip-in hair? How is it different from the extensions made from human hair? Now we will give you the answer right away.

Synthetic hair extensions clip in is made from artificial fibers that quite look like human hair. Thus, they can mix with your own hair and give a nearly undetectable look. Almost synthetic hair is able to be melted if you heat style. But, the highest grade synthetic hair made of PVC fiber is regarded as the most realistic and also can be styled with heat tools at a low temp. Furthermore, they are cheaper than human clip-in hair and are not affected by the environmental factors.

Synthetic Clip In Hair

However, you need to remember some important things before using 12 inch clip in synthetic hair extensions. To start with, its longevity is shorter, lasting about 1-3 months, in comparison with human hair extensions that can last up to a year. As mentioned above, almost synthetic hair products will be melt if styled with heat tools like straighteners, curling iron, dryers, etc. For this reason, avoid the heat styling tools if you want to prolong the hair’ life. Finally, using synthetic extensions means that you can’t dye them because this can lead to irreparable damage.

3. How to Apply 12 Inch Clip-in Hair Extensions?

After having an overview about 12 inch human clip-ins, you might consider how to put in clip in hair extensions of Luxshinehair correctly or how to look naturally appealing with them, mightn’t you? In fact, many people make mistakes when installing this type of hair extensions. So, what should we do to get a natural look with clip in hair? Don’t let you wait anymore, we will show you the secret now.

Tip 1:  Detangling Your Hair First

The first and foremost thing you need to do before clipping in the wefts is to detangle your real hair first because this makes it easier for you to apply the extensions. Start to brush your locks until they become smooth, soft and free from any knotting or tangles.

Detangling Hair

Tip 2: Creating a Firm Base for Pieces of Wefts

Different from other types of hair extensions that can be attached to your natural hair by gluing, bonding or sewing, clip-ins are just kept in your head by clipping. Therefore, if you don’t create a firm base for your wefts, they are probable to slip out, one of almost people’s nightmares. Right? To avoid this trouble, what you need to do is to create a solid, strong and thick base in which the extensions are clipped as firmly as possible. Make sure that you tease the roots of your hair to which you are planning to place and secure the wefts.

Tip 3: Determining “Safe Zone”

What is “safe zone”? It is the area on your head in which you can locate the clips to make them unseen. It can be said that it is very essential to define where your safe zone is during the applying process. For example, if your hair is thin or fine, the most suitable place to put the clips is anywhere below the line of your eyebrows.

Tips 4: Tease at The Crown of Your Head

Teasing your strands nearly the crown can help to blend seamlessly the extensions with your natural hair. You can find it thicker at the bottom than at the top after finishing attaching all the clips. But, it doesn’t matter because you can easily deal with this issue. All you need to do is to do some teasing to add extra volume to your hair strands. By this way, your hair clip in extensions can match perfectly the rest of your locks and give you a natural look as well. We believe that you will be satisfied with the final result.

Tip 5: Be Ready To Style

The last tip of how to use clip in hair extensions for a naturally fabulous look is to style them in different ways. With Luxshinehair’s Remy human clip in hair extensions in 12 inch, you can feel free to style them in any hairstyles you want as well as treat them like your natural hair. Are you fond of straight, curly or wavy hair? No matter which hairdos you love, our human clip in hair products will give you the most beautiful look. With fetching hairstyles, you can feel definitely confident in any daily circumstances.

Hairstyles With Clip In Hair Extensions

Amazing things you should know of 10 inch clip in hair extensions of Beequeenhair

Besides 12 inch human hair clip-ins, Luxshinehair also provides many other hair extensions loved by many customers. Come with us, you can discover or purchase other types like bulks, weaves, wig or keratin extensions. All of them are made from 100 % Remy hair, giving the best quality that all people dream for. For diverse textures, colors and different lengths, our hair products must bring you the most interesting experience.

Tape In Vietnam Hair Extensions 1

In short, if you want to change your hairstyles quickly and easily, clip-in hair extensions are just for you. 12 inch clip in Remy hair that we offer never make customers disappointed. Being easy to apply, saving time, and changing your hair as fast as lightening are outstanding advantages of our products. So, don’t be afraid to renew yourself with clip-in hair extensions of Luxshinehair. Thanks a lot for your reading.


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